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On viewing this site and other technical details

Not wishing to be caught in the Microsoft maw, I try to use non-Microsoft software as much as possible. In some aspects this is also sensible, because (for example) if I do not use Microsoft software I am already safe from a large percentage of the world's viruses.

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I use Internet Explorer (IE) when I have to do so, but Opera 6 - paid mode - is my browser of choice, a sleek well-designed piece of software. To make sure my pages can be viewed on a range of browsers, without trying to satisfy the world, I also browse with Mozilla (essentially, Mozilla is Netscape without AOL-TimeWarner) or K-Meleon (faster, with the same engine as Mozilla/Netscape), and Lynx (a text-only browser). For emulating IE, I often use an IE-based tool such as the EarthLink browser.

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SE software

To help in the creation of this web site, I have developed some simple tools. I think you might be interested in:

Name Description Download
GenPages.exe Generate web pages according to a pre-selected design. [HTTP download]

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Those advertisers

To push back futher the intrusions of others on my computer (and some sites require cookies) I use LavaSoft's excellent (free) Ad-aware software to keep my computer free from prying advertisers (another reason for paying the small price for Opera, which leaves advertiser detrius when in Sponsored Mode). I tried NeoPlanet but the browser is so tightly tied in to advertisers that it was not worth cleaning up after using it.

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The web pages for the book are created by Quadralay WebWorks software, based on the original working draft in Adobe Framemaker 6, and I chose HTML 4.0 Transitional as the environment - WebWorks and Framemaker comprise a very nice combination.

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HTML editors

My favourite text-preparation tools are NoteTab Pro, TextPad 4 , and Crimson Editor (free). In early days I used the free 1stPage program to design and test pages, but, unfortunately, the standards are developing so strongly that 1stPage did not have the latest standards, and decided to redesign and improve their product. EvrSoft are bringing out a new version (FirstPage) which - if it is as good as its predecessor - will be excellent. At the moment, I use HTML-Kit which is just wonderful (and free). When we have free software from and - better in many respects than the paid variety - we are very lucky.

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Validity and accessibility

I checked to see whether the HTML created by WebWorks was valid by using both A Real Validator from Liam Quinn and the various validator plug-ins available for HTML-Kit, NoteTab Pro, and TextPad 4 (worth checking out). The code was valid HTML, and worked with the Lynx text-only browser.

The Social Epistemics site is written in XHTML, apart from the HTML for American Delusions, and the XHTML is fully-conformant. I validated both my XHTML and my CSS stylesheets with tools from the World Wide Web Consortion (W3C), and checked accessibilty by means of the Bobby tool. I also use the (free) Amaya browser and development tool from the W3C, which conforms strictly to standards and has many useful features such as a structure viewer and a text-only browser.

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The E-book

I want to thank Jan Verhoeven for his SBook software, which gives a very convenient way to view the WebWorks HTML book as an electronic book (an SBook).

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Jan Verhoeven software Ad-aware HTML-kit
FirstPage A Real Validator Opera browser
TextPad 4 K-Meleon Lynx
Amaya WebWorks FrameMaker
NoteTab Pro Mozilla Crimson Editor

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