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The analysis of knowledge in society

There's nowt so queer as folk.

Traditional saying (Northern England)

Intrinsic human differences are randomly distributed throughout the world, throughout all societies, and these differences are then modified by people's reactions to their cultural, economic, and physical environments. Social epistemology examines what we think we know in society, and the impacts these social, cultural, and political ideologies have on individual attitudes and behaviour.

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American Delusions

The USA is a very different country, with a political and social system difficult to understand if you are from a different culture - as I discovered on my first visit.

The book American Delusions: Managing myths in the USA studies the cultural and social anthropology of American society (pasts, presents, and possible futures).

Although I am writing mainly for an audience outside the USA, I hope to examine US society from a new perspective for those who live in that society. Due to US American delusions, many US citizens think they know their country, but frequently their knowledge or understanding is as poor as that of a person from a different land (and how many British know Britain?).

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Sources of information

In the spirit of knowing the opposition, I believe that often it is more important to read those with whom you do not agree than it is to read those with whom you agree.

This is a totally unorganized list of pointers to sites of various political persuations - I agree with the ideas and opinions expressed on some of these sites and not with others, but believe all these sites offer something.

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Site details

Not wishing to be caught in the Microsoft maw, I try to use non-Microsoft software as much as possible. In some aspects this is also sensible, because (for example) if I do not use Microsoft software I am already safe from a large percentage of the world's viruses.

Luckily, I am not alone... see the site technical details for more information about how this site is constructed.

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Observations on society and ideology, mainly from the book American Delusions.

The book American Delusions: Managing myths in the USA in various formats.

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