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Society and ideology

The following pages either are based on early extracts from the book American Delusions: Managing myths in the USA, or are unrelated observations on society and ideology. The Extracts are taken from sections throughout American Delusions, and the Observations are independent of (not part of) American Delusions.

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Extracts from American Delusions

A popular book in the USA, The New New Thing (2000), seems to have tapped into a US American current of narcissism, partly because Lewis shares with some other US American technology enthusiasts a xenophobic commitment to the new technologies that is almost unthinkingly centred on the USA.
The American Dream is almost impossible to define, partly because it is almost one of those axioms, one of those things we all supposed to know without being told - nearly a self-evident truth. I have a dream.
Ronald Reagan's glamourization of his country and its history started early in his political career. In 1976, for example, he wrote: ... we didn't start this country to imitate Europe. We started this country to get away from the mistakes that had been made in Europe and the rest of the world.
There has been a long-term association between the rights of two (so-called) minority groups - slaves and women - both in favour of their increased rights, and in favour of leaving things as they are.
Amongst American conservatives, a fear of atheism is a common psychosis, and a fear of atheism is often coupled with a need to assure people that their country is Christian, and has always been Christian.
There are conservative federal lawmakers who blame the federal government for all kinds of problem, though they do not blame themselves (as part of that same federal government). Amongst conservative lawmakers, this can also be subsumed under the fear of social engineering, or as another attack on personal freedom by the oppressive federal government.
If one considers the condition of all people, and not just the condition of white people, the USA was an immoral society before 1962 and had been since its inception.

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